It starts with a warm greeting at Tolo Clothier.



You've got choices.

It all starts with a warm greeting at Tolo Clothier. From there, we dive into the process by asking you a fundamental question – what occasion is your order for? Is it a look for everyday wear, or for a wedding? Perhaps it’s for a job interview or the start of a new job? A casual outing with friends or family? Will you be wearing the look in summer, or during the cold winter months? Basic questions such as these will help determine the choices we then make when it comes to fabric selection, colour, and even the finer details.

Choosing your cloth is the very first step. We'll help you pick your favourite cloths among a vast selection of quality fabrics sourced from our Italian and English fabric mills. Your fabric choice comes down to a matter of weight (lightweight, heavyweight, or something in between), make (wool, cotton, linen, cashmere, a blend.etc), and of course, the style and overall finish/aesthetic of the cloth itself (solid, checkered, nailhead, houndstooth, pinstripe, shine, no shine etc).

From there, we move onto customizations. Let’s say a suit. What style of lapel would you like? Peak, standard notch, shawl, wide peak, narrow notch, wide notch? What about the pockets, vents, shoulder padding, buttons, lining or even the extra details like contrast stitch work or monograming of your initials and/or favourite quote? Anything is possible.


From fitting, to finish.

At Tolo Clothier, we take the extra time to ensure that you are entirely pleased with the choices you make. And if you don't have an eye for this type of stuff, don't sweat it! Our fashion experts are here to lend an experienced hand and help you put your best look forward.

Next, the process gets a little more intimate. Your stylist will take numerous measurements, from the neck, to the shoulders, arms, chest, hips, inseam and waist. We even double-check certain measurements to guarantee the perfect fit!

Lastly, we review the choices you made, select your desired cut/fit (extra slim, slim, fitted, traditional or loose) and then your custom order is ready for production. When complete, if any alternations are needed we simply handle them all under one roof, directly at our office - with our in-house tailoring team - at no extra cost.

We'll walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. Our goal is not only to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your end result but just as importantly, our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your experience as well. It's that simple.