Book your appointment with one of our style consultants and create your own made-to-measure suit, shirt or anything in between.

Custom Suits

The perfect tailored fit. The choice of fabrics. Finest quality of materials. The design and opportunity for customization. And all the extra finer details. There are many advantages of going custom vs your traditional off-the-rack. In fact, there’s simply no comparison. A well-tailored suit makes a statement.

With hundreds of quality fabrics to choose from, the choice comes down to a matter of weight (lightweight, heavyweight, or something in between), make (wool, cotton, linen, cashmere, a blend.etc), and of course, the style and overall finish/aesthetic of the cloth itself (solid, checkered, nailhead, houndstooth, pinstripe, shine, no shine etc).

From formal to creative, we'll follow your lead and help you create a suit that reflects your style. We're so confident you'll love your custom suit, you'll never go back to shopping off-the-rack again.

Custom Shirts

Whether dressy or a little bit more casual, the right look requires the perfect fit. Most of the time, the shirt pulls the entire look together, so it makes sense to invest in a custom design that not only fits perfectly but also embodies your style.

For many of us, buying a shirt is a daunting task, for reasons of proportion. Whether your arms are a little bit longer than your average, your chest a little more narrow, or perhaps shoulders broader than your regular ready-to-wear shirt, choosing a ready-made shirt can be challenging.

At Tolo Clothier, we want to eliminate the hassle of spending endless hours searching countless stores for something that screams, “mehh, it fits okay I guess”. We’re not aiming for okay. We’re reaching for ideal. Precise. A custom shirt that feels as good as it looks.

We have hundreds of quality fabrics available to choose from. Solid, striped, paisley, print, checkered, and a variety of unique designs. Not to mention, every detail is also examined – the type of collar, cuff, trim, thread, and button colour, and even the extra details like contrast stitch work or monogramming of your initials. We give you complete control over the look you desire.

Weddings and Grouped Discounts

The perfect day also requires the perfect suit. Let us design the ideal suit for you and your groomsmen. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or want something traditional, at Tolo Clothier, we make sure that everyone looks their best on your big day.

When it comes to weddings, there’s a lot to stress about. But leave the worry behind because we've got your wedding essentials covered. Working with our dedicated consultants, we’ll help you confidently choose the perfect fabric and custom suiting combinations to create a look that will have you and your groomsmen looking best on your big day.

We invite you to our lounge to experience a celebration. Bring your wedding party, get fitted, choose customizations and fabrics together, and have a little fun in the process. Don’t sweat it, we’ll take care of all the details.